The beautiful city of Kozani is located in Northern Greece and it is the capital of the West
Macedonia Periphery. It lies approximately 700 meters above sea level in the shadow of
mount Vermion facing the beautiful Aliakmonas river valley on the southern side.

αξιοθέατα Κοζάνη - Anesis Hotel

In spite of its continental to mountainous climate, the region is quite fertile and rich in lignite and exploitable chromite. The picturesque town of Kozani is the cultural, administrative and transportation hub of Western Macedonia and features the University of Western Macedonia.

The area is also well-known for the Energy production in the country as well as for being the home of the famous spice ‘Saffron-Crocus’.

The city of Kozani combines the modern lifestyle with the nostalgic charm of the past and its rural heritage. The city has an intense nightlife, with many restaurants, taverns and bars. Western Macedonia is one of the most beautiful regions of Greece.

The routes in ancient Aiani, in Vlasti, in the lush green village of Velventos, in the Polyfitos Lake and in the picturesque town of Siatista, will be engraved in the visitors’ minds. The Anesis Hotel provides spacious and budget-friendly rooms in Kozani and due to its convenient location; it offers the opportunity to explore the whole area.

αξιοθέατα Κοζάνη - Anesis Hotel

Take a tour around..

The Clock Tower of Saint Nikolaos Church

The Clock Tower of Saint Nikolaos Church. Built in 1885, it is the town’s landmark, reference point and a meeting place for its residents.


The ‘Episcope’, the Bishop’s seat, an entirely stone-built construction whose foundation began in the middle of the 18th century.

Educational Institutions

Buildings of neoclassical or Macedonian rhythm where schools are housed today: The Valtadoreio Gymnasium, the 5th & 15th Primary schools, as well as the 1st Primary school.

Municipal Conservatory

The Municipal Conservatory, the neoclassical Drizis mansion, where lessons of Instrumental, Monody and Higher Theory are taking place

National Bank

The National Bank building, of neoclassical rhythm.

Macedonian architecture mansions

The Macedonian architecture mansions of Georgios Lassanis and Grigorios Vourkas. The latter is the city’s best preserved mansion, built in 1762.